Businesses have different needs and goals, but one thing all businesses have in common is value. Value for the products and services they provide. Value for the products  and services they invest in. We pursue the best solution, every time, to get the right fit.


In the ever changing world of technology,

LicenseMySoftware keeps the focus on the clients.


     What is important to you?


     How can we help you succeed?


     How can we provide the best information for decision making while you maintain control of your resources ?


Put us to work for your software business needs.


About Us

LicenseMySoftware was launched in 2014 by
Terry Noonan.


In her 20+year career, she has garnered industry support from companies such as Adobe Systems Inc, Retrospect Inc, Microsoft Corporation and other well known manufacturers. Because of Terry's experience working with IT departments to C-level executives, she is now able to service the needs of your small, medium or large enterprise by providing software licensing solutions specifically tailored to your growing business.

We believe business

​software decisions

​are more important

than "Add to Cart".

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