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Businesses have different needs and goals, but one thing all businesses have in common is value. Value for the products and services they provide. Value for the products and services they invest in. We pursue the best solution, every time, to get the right fit.

In the ever changing world of technology, LicenseMySoftware keeps the focus on the clients.

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About Us


Terry J. Noonan, Owner

LicenseMySoftware was launched in 2014 by Terry Noonan.

In her 20+ year career, she has garnered industry support from companies such as Adobe Systems Inc, Retrospect Inc, Microsoft Corporation and other well known manufacturers.

Because of Terry's experience working with IT departments to C-level executives, she is able to service the needs of your small, medium or large organization by providing software licensing solutions specifically tailored to your growing business.

We believe business ​software decisions ​are more important than "Add to Cart".



Do you have the best licensing strategy?

Software acquisition, licensing and license management are complex tasks. It is not easy to get and maintain an overview on software licensing and to find the best solution for the specific needs of your organization. Volume licensing needs special expertise to get the full potential of all licensing options. The dynamic of the market requires a high degree of know-how in licensing programs, licensing options and contract management.

For large and medium sized businesses of all kinds it is a challenge to find the licensing strategy that fits best to the requirements of the organization and keeps financial and technical aspects in mind.

LICENSEMYSOFTWARE optimize your licensing cost and reduce your licensing administration overhead. We will provide you with consultancy for the different licensing models and financing options.

On the basis of your current license situation and your individual business objectives, we carry out an analysis of the possibilities of your software assets and license contract management. We determine the most profitable licensing program and the best combination of licensing options tailored to your needs. We make sure you only have the licenses you really need.

With a tailor made licensing solution we not only reduce your licensing cost but also your administrative overhead.

We give you the security to have compliant licensing at optimal cost and support you with licensing advice, software sales, product recommendations and with our good relationship to software publishers and our partners.


Licensing: Some Basic Knowledge

The Software license

Software is and remains the intellectual property of its producer and is legally protected through the copyright law. Therefore the legal use of software requires the author’s grant of the exploitation right. This exploitation right comes in form of a license, i.e. a license is indispensable for any use of any kind of software. A software license entitles you to put a particular software version to use under the preconditions defined by the producer.

Thus it is – strictly speaking – not possible to “buy” software. You may acquire the ownership of the data medium, but not the one of the intellectual creation “software”. The use thereof requires a license granting you limited or unlimited user rights.

The License Contract

A contract on copyright subjects grants the beneficiary thereof either exclusive or non-exclusive rights. The terms of the contract define the sort and the range of these rights. If applicable, the license holder’s obligations are stipulated as well as possible contract penalties in case of noncompliance and similar. The consent of both contract parties is required without fault. End customers intending to acquire software through a license contract with Adobe, Microsoft and others will find all essential contract information in the End User License Agreement (EULA).

This agreement explains to which extent you may use the software. Frequently it also contains an additional unsolicited producer’s guarantee and some information about various constrictions regarding the utilization of the software. You will find all relevant stipulations in the respective contract documents as well as in the description of the exploitation rights.

The Right to Downgrade

The right to downgrade – available by default in all volume licensing agreement – enables you to acquire a license of the current software product and to use a previous version thereof, i.e. you may use preceding versions of the software in question on the basis of the Right to Downgrade.

The Re-Imaging Right

The Re-Imaging Right allows you to set up several devices by means of a single standard image. Re-Imaging signifies the production and distribution of an image by using volume license media. The goal thereof is to develop the image of a standard configuration and to put it to use throughout the company. The Re-Imaging Right is a component of volume license agreements.

The Exploitation Rights

The Exploitation Rights include the regulations regarding the utilization of products covered by the volume license programs. You will find here all rights and constrictions referring to the use of the software that you acquired through a volume license agreement. The exploitation rights of all software products available in the frame of volume license contracts are listed here.

The End User License Agreement (EULA)

The End User License Agreement corresponds largely to the legal dispositions concerning the copyright and specifies on top of that the exploitation rights regarding the software in question and various related restrictions as well as the paragraph “license concession” regulating the exploitation of the software. Furthermore, it stipulates the constrictions regarding reverse engineering, leasing and lending of the software as well as other restrictions depending on the particular product. Additionally the EULA describes the conditions referring to the generating of back-up and archival copies and, if applicable, explains the unsolicited producer’s guarantee to which the end customer is entitled besides implied warranties.

The Product Activation

The Product Activation represents an important step against unauthorized copying and misuse of software products. This procedure is meant to protect honest users against the use of non-original software. Only legally acquired software entitles the customers to significant benefits such as support or upgrade offers.

In practice the Product Activation prevents the set up and initiation of software products on any given number of computers with one unique product key. As a contractual partner of a volume license program you shall receive Volume License Product Keys for administrative and network installations without having to activate every license separately.

News & Updates

Adobe to update sign-in experience

August 31, 2021

In upcoming weeks, Adobe is set to update the sign-in experience for Users and Administrators to assist in managing profiles or multiple Adobe plans. The goal with the change is to help better manager your content across multiple Adobe plans, each with a corresponding profile.    See more at attached link:  Adobe Profiles

Acrobat online services & changes for shared documents June 2021

July 5, 2021

Adobe announced Acrobat online services feature changes that will be changed/removed from Acrobat online services: Starting from August 19, 2021, the following features and capabilities will be changed or removed from the Adobe Acrobat online services: When you share a link to a document, the original file will be shared with the recipients instead of…

Bug Fixed PitStop Server 2021

April 28, 2021

Recently announced PitStop Pro 2021 was followed quickly by a Bug Announcement on the new version. On April 28th, Enfocus announced the fix of the Bug. Read more here: Bug Fixed in PitStop Server 2021  

Enfocus PitStop 2021 Announcement & Bug Detection

April 22, 2021

EnFocus has announced Pitstop 2021. The upgrade brings some “magical new features” to PitStop. See more here:PitStop Shortly after the announcement an alert email about a Bug detection and work around was sent out. Please see Enfocus link for further here:PitStop Bug notice

Suitcase Fusion 9 (v20.x) Support to end March 1, 2021

January 21, 2021

On March 1st, Extensis will end support for Suitcase Fusion 9 (20.x). This affects customers who use Suitcase Fusion on its own and through our font manager for teams, Suitcase TeamSync. With the release of Creative Cloud 2021, Adobe no longer supports Creative Cloud 2018 applications. Therefore, Suitcase Fusion 21.2 does not include a plug…

Considering Adobe Sign? Would a 7 day trial help?

January 18, 2021

Considering Adobe Sign? There is a 7 Day trial that allows you to test the solution. The solution is available in two models. Acrobat Pro with e-sign and Acrobat Pro with advanced e-sign. Plans and pricing vary and end user can choose between single and multi user options and then from Named User or Transaction…

Adobe Creative Cloud Support and Version Availability changes Feb 4, 2021

January 15, 2021

Beginning Feb 4, 2021, the download availability of app versions in the Admin Console will be altered for Creative Cloud plans to align with the Adobe Creative Cloud Support policy. Creative Cloud for enterprise customers will be able to download the latest Creative Cloud app version and up to two immediately preceding major versions. Creative…

Adobe MAX – What’s New Oct 20, 2020

October 26, 2020

Creative Cloud: The new release is here. The latest release of Creative Cloud for teams is here, and it’s packed with new apps and features designed to fuel your team’s creativity and help everyone work more efficiently across devices. •Design beautiful vector graphics and illustrations with creative tools designed just for Apple Pencil with Adobe…

Adobe Sign news and notes

October 16, 2020

Adobe Sign makes document signing fast and easy. Just click, tab or swipe. Sign is available for Small Business or Business & Enterprise. You use tools you are familiar with – Acrobat Pro DC – and determine which plan for transactions is best for you. Like to learn more… Welcome to Adobe Sign

Google rebrands G Suite to Google Workstpace

October 6, 2020

Google Suite will be retired. Google is rebranding the office service to Google Workspace in an effort to bring G-Mail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, plus more together! For more than 10 years Google has been building products to help users work more effectively and efficiently. Now there is Google Workspace! Read More…https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/workspace/introducing-google-workspace  …