Adobe Changes and Transitions

There have been several changes since late 2023 at Adobe.   A price increase that was announced in  2022 was phased in and now applicable to all new and renewal agreements that are not currently protected by a price lock agreement.

A second, more recent path, is the positioning and roadmap for Adobe ‘Pro’ Editions.

There is every probability that Adobe will be facilitating the transition in upcoming months from Adobe Teams product to Adobe Teams Pro product, or Enterprise Pro.  Feature sets have been added or enhanced, and Adobe Stock (per user) becomes part of the Creative Cloud Pro solution with unlimited standard assets.  (Standard Photos, Illustrations, and Vectors).  But as you might suspect there could be price changes.

Teams and Pro product also have Firefly, Adobe’s AI generative visual content application.

One last alert is Adobe Acrobat AI is now in public Beta testing as of February which features AI assistant and AI summary.

If you are interested in discussing some current and pending changes, please contact LicenseMySoftware at 651-503-8354.